I have managed to progress more on my TMA.  The more I explore this idea the bigger it gets.  I guess I should try and aim small.  Start with the core functionality and, if possible, grow from that.

First though I need to get the research done.  How is the market and what does it value?  What does it look for in a management system and what does it like that it already has.

Time to fire up the search engines!

Gnatty Chart

I’ve been spending this morning getting a loose Gantt chart together so I can keep track of just how far behind I am.

The TMA is roughly half done with the cut-off being on the 3rd of March.  Time-wise I’m doing OK but I really need to start work on the project itself soon.


Here is the work-in-progress.

  Feb March April May June July
Weeks 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4
Update Journal (1)                                                
Market Research (2)                                                
User Research (3)                                                
Program Design                                                
Database Design                                                
GUI Design                                                
Project Review (4)                                                
1 The Journal will be updated on a semi-regular basis.
2 After the initial research, I will need to keep up to date with the current trends. They are not likely to change much.
3 Share holder input will be useful at many points during the development. The initial part of this would be defining who the share holders are.
4 The project will be reviewed on a weekly basis. It’s important to keep the process organic and fluid.

TM470 Project

So this is the final and most important part of my degree (apart from one small course).  I have to create something and show I understand every part of the creative process.  This blog will form part of that process.

With the first TMA laid out at the OU website, I have a better idea of what to do.

First need to do some online research into the current market and find out what’s available and hopefully offer a better solution. My tutor helpfully gave me these ideas.

  1. quantify the problem – what is spent on warehouse management and similar systems in the UK and elsewhere
  2. what are the leading contenders in the market, their strengths and weaknesses
  3. what have academics (and others) written about the needs of warehouse management?
  4. What are the main essential and desirable features needed?

I also need to brush up on my PHP and MySQL skills.

New Themes soon

I’ve got the designing bug again and I’m directing it at WordPress themes.  Actually this has more of a purpose as I need to improve my skills when it comes to coding.  Recently I did my first theme for somebody else.  That somebody being my father-in-law.  There was an additional edge as it was for a Japanese abacus school; Onishi Soroban.  I had to take into account that Japanese was going to be the main language used.  I actually managed to find a lorum ipsum generator that generated Japanese text.  It also does a multitude of alternative languages that even includes Morse code.

I will also start on a new theme for this site.  This current theme is ok but there are a lot of bugs.  For example, the search function doesn’t work well at the moment.  With the blank theme that I have created, it should save me time and hopefully allow a  quicker generation of themes.  Each theme I do I learn a bit more.

Finally what about the weather.  I like sunny weather but this is too hot.  The humidity is showing around 40% in doors but it feels much higher.  At least the summer is finally here (here being England).

Windows 8 Preview

Has not been recieved well

Complaints of childish interface and a garish and overly simple look.  So I made this.

You’ll need to know your Microsoft history to get the joke.  For those that don’t go here and find out about “Bob”.

New Favourite Band

I’ve just come across this new artist. Well they’re new to me.
Puff Dragon and this track called “Chinese radio”.
Wonderful rolling progressive dubby style vibe to it

Here’s another of their tracks: Sazanami

The Nvidia ION Cube Casemod


Go here to see more

We’ve all seen cool (and naff) case mods before but this one is nice and different.  It was built by Bill Owen from MNPCTech for a case mod competition.  The competition was run by NVidia.

Err biased much?  Well actually not.  Here’s the run down on how the comp was run.


IPad3 Troubles & ‘Features’.

It would seem that the world of the Ipad3 is not a blissful and idyllic paradise as the fanbois would have you believe.

An lengthy article recently posted on the T3 website lists issues with the screen, wi-fi and the battery.  Also it likes to get a little too hot.

  • The screen renders web graphics a little too sharply.  This means that a lot of the images turn into a pixellated mess.
  • The WI-FI is less than stable with complaints ranging from disconnections to complete system crashes.
  • The IPad has hotspots that are some 20 degrees higher than Apple’s range of safe temperatures.
  • The on-screen battery level shows a full charge two hours before the battery is full.

Apparently the battery ‘issue’ is actually a feature.

Apple says this feature has always been part of iOS and allows users to keep the device plugged in as long as they want.

Cupertino says once the device reaches 100 per cent, it will decharge slightly and recharge. That process is repeated until the device is unplugged.

Apple VP Michael Tchao said: “That circuitry is designed so you can keep your device plugged in as long as you would like. It’s a great feature that’s always been in iOS.”

Here is the original T3 article.

Tweaks & Fixes

I have changed the font for the top menu and post headers.  I’ve also looked at and changed the formatting affecting the comments.  Things look a lot better now.  I have also squashed a bug that was pushing the comments section down below the lower level of the sidebar.

Again thanks to all who  have suggested stuff.  Many different pairs of eyes are always better than one.

Anymore suggestions please throw them to me.  They are always welcome.

Mist Clears

It’s nice when your faith in humanity is restored.

I asked for some feedback regarding this site and some people were really friendly and helped out.  I even got help regarding my Java problems.  I have been  regular there at the Beyond Unreal boards for around 12 years.  It’s nice that we all still hang out there  and chat crap (the old theme tune to Cheers plays in the background).

Following on from the advice I have received regarding this site, I have changed the main font to make it more readable.  I am still looking for a better headline font.  The current interlaced (stripy) font that’s currently in use is not very readable.  Just search results and archive parts to do and then fill out the site with extra pages.

Thanks to all who helped me out.  It was all very much appreciated.