Beyond Unreal – Fully featured news site with lively forums and my gracious host.

Planet Unreal – News from around the Unreal community.

Unreal Admin – News and info dealing with running Unreal servers.

UnrealSP – Single player news, mods and packs for the original Unreal.

Unreal Central – Home of the Immortal Knights. No Longer updated but downloads for UT2k4 and UT3.

Epic Games – Epic’s official site.

Unreal Tournament 3 – The official UT3 site. – Excellent Russian language Unreal site.

Map Rating & Review Sites

Insite – No longer updated but the map reviews are still there and downloads still work.

Map Factory – Can’t review the maps but you can rate them and leave comments. Covers more than UT3 maps.

Map Raider – Recently updated. Reviews plus you can rate and comment on maps from all three main Unreal games.

WoD Mod Pod – A great mod and mutator review site for the Unreal series.

Unreal Tournament 200x Files – A huge repository of files for all the Unreal games.

LosChaos – A map and model rating site and so much more.  Boredom won’t last long here.

Level Designers, Modellers & Modders

EvilMrFrank – Author of some great maps and an excellent optimizing guide

Runestorm – Mapping and modding group making content for UT2k4 and UT3. Well worth a visit.

Community Bonus Pack 3 – Showcasing some of the best user made maps for UT3 spread over two volumes.

Community Bonus Pack 1 & 2 – Some of the best UT2k4 maps made.

Tactical Assault – Tac-Ops from UT99 days re-born for UT3 (soon).

JailBreak – The classic mod in UT3 form (soon)

Unreal Demolition – Vehicular violence and destruction for UT3

HOLP 2 – Hardcore Oldskool Low Poly map pack

Time Warp Crew – Mapping group responsible for the famous Fate of Time map packs for UT99

Swanky’s Page – Member of the Time Warp crew and level designer

Fuzz’s Collection of Deathmatch Maps – Fuzz from Beyond Unreal Forums has compiled packs from the best user made DM maps for UT3.

Mandinga – Creator of the excellent K.O.S faction models as well as other projects outside of UT3.  Plus the site is one of those smooth flash sites that I’m a sucker for.

The Reliquary – Home to Bombing Run for UT3 as well as Bombing Run maps

Stevie’s Corner – Originaly a massive thread over at the official forums.  Now he runs his own site.

Homeslice – One of the community’s longest standing mappers back with new UT99 maps.

Matt Lefevere – A well known and talented UT3 map designer

Models and Skins

Skin City – One of the oldest and best Modal and skin sites. Covers UT99, UT2k4 and UT3.

UED Mapping & Tutorial Sites

Hourences – Excellent tutorials and guides on game design and downloads.

Icecreamyou – Extensive database of guides and tutorials for both UT2k4 and UT3.

Unreal Forge – Video tutorials as well as the more traditional type. Custom content also available for download.

RoninmastaFX UT3 Guide – Probably the largest UT3 guide on the net and constantly updated.

Unreal Developer’s Network – An official site to sharpen your modding skills or learn new ones.

3D Buzz – Video Tutorials for UT2k3 and UT3 as well as most of the big graphics editing suites.

Mod Centre – One-stop shop for all things modding.

MSUC – Home of the Make Something Unreal Contest run by Epic.

Waylon Art – Big list of tutorials for UT3

Publishing Your Map – covers details such as screenshot, name, title as well as other things like music.

Joris Olde Bijvank’s UT3 Tutorials – Lots of tutorials on the more advance techniques.

Odedge Level Design – Lots of UT3 and UT2k4 tutorials as well as other resources such as meshes and textures amongst other things.

Clan Sites

Miasma – UT2004 and Killing Floor Clan.

Clan of A**holes Around since the Unreal 1 days.

General Reference

Unreal Wiki – A mine of information regarding everything Unreal.

UT Mapping Wiki – Mapping related information in a familiar wiki format

Stock Map Stats – Compare your map’s total primitives, total triangles and total lightmap size to the stock maps.

UT 2004 Blog – UT2k4 Tips and tricks including videos and techniques