Go With the Flow!

After I fired up Dreamweaver I discovered that ‘my version’ can’t use the more recent version of MySQL, MySQLi.  The ‘i’ is important and signifies a large change in the infrastructure.  Errors are generated when trying to use the old code within the new server infrastructure.  So Netbeans to the rescue!  A free development environment that I have used before and there are no licensing issues and it’s always kept up to date.  I’ve written a bit of code to test this and it all seems to work as planned.

Before I get heavily into that I need to design the way the program flows.  I have found a free (nice word) GUI prototyping tool.  Very useful in planning the way the various parts of the system will run.  It is also very helpful in uncovering holes and generating new ideas.  Below is the first one showing the login and initial options.  The options that are shown depend on the level of the user.

Login and initial options

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