New Themes soon

I’ve got the designing bug again and I’m directing it at WordPress themes.  Actually this has more of a purpose as I need to improve my skills when it comes to coding.  Recently I did my first theme for somebody else.  That somebody being my father-in-law.  There was an additional edge as it was for a Japanese abacus school; Onishi Soroban.  I had to take into account that Japanese was going to be the main language used.  I actually managed to find a lorum ipsum generator that generated Japanese text.  It also does a multitude of alternative languages that even includes Morse code.

I will also start on a new theme for this site.  This current theme is ok but there are a lot of bugs.  For example, the search function doesn’t work well at the moment.  With the blank theme that I have created, it should save me time and hopefully allow a  quicker generation of themes.  Each theme I do I learn a bit more.

Finally what about the weather.  I like sunny weather but this is too hot.  The humidity is showing around 40% in doors but it feels much higher.  At least the summer is finally here (here being England).

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