Mist Clears

It’s nice when your faith in humanity is restored.

I asked for some feedback regarding this site and some people were really friendly and helped out.  I even got help regarding my Java problems.  I have been  regular there at the Beyond Unreal boards for around 12 years.  It’s nice that we all still hang out there  and chat crap (the old theme tune to Cheers plays in the background).

Following on from the advice I have received regarding this site, I have changed the main font to make it more readable.  I am still looking for a better headline font.  The current interlaced (stripy) font that’s currently in use is not very readable.  Just search results and archive parts to do and then fill out the site with extra pages.

Thanks to all who helped me out.  It was all very much appreciated.


  1. Nice. Cheers. I’ll use that tomorrow. 🙂

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