I Really Should Update This

I know I’m very bad at this, possibly the worst blogger ever. I never know what to write about.

Further Development

I have now got the basic layout of the GUI designed.  It’s nearly at a stage where I can start to prototype the design.  This week I want to have finished the prototyping and finalise the design.  For that I need to create a few connected designs that can show a process.  I’ll show this to a few people and see what they say.

  • Create a sequence of paper prototypes using the flowcharts I created earlier.
    • This will help show the design process.
  • Decide on a more final design.
  • Add a report of this process and include the results to the EMA.

Below is my idea of the basic layout.

EMA and the Final Push

With the final TMA out of the way I can now concentrate on the final push; the EMA.  This is the final report of the progress made on the project.

Between now and the end of the weekend I want to have finalised the main flow of the program and  written a report about it.  This report will be part of the EMA.

To be included:

  • All options and explanations for the options using flow charts and text.
  • Try to show logically the way the system can change depending on what options are chosen
  • Write a report detailing the way the system can show options specific to the user or task.

This whole project is really much larger than I had anticipated.  I need to use this in a positive way when writing the final report.

TMA03 Nearly Done

Well the word count is only a little over a thousand words short but I still have a few weeks left so I’m not too concerned.  What I am concerned with is whether or not I’ll get the whole project done on time.  The more I do the more the road stretches off into the distance.

Nearly finished the design of the database using MySQL workbench and also brushing up on my very creaky knowledge of the language.  I’m not sure how complicated I should go with the database.

I hope to have the rough draft of the project ready in about two weeks.  This will give me some time to do the accompanying report before the TMA’s deadline.

Fingers crossed!


Flow Charts Done

The main flow charts have now been finished. That means I can get down and dirty with the code. I’ll try and get this down in a couple of weeks but I have a funny feeling that it will take longer! These things usually do.

I have discovered that there are more smaller processes than I thought.  What I first considered to be one process turned out to be a collection of smaller processes.

Go With the Flow!

After I fired up Dreamweaver I discovered that ‘my version’ can’t use the more recent version of MySQL, MySQLi.  The ‘i’ is important and signifies a large change in the infrastructure.  Errors are generated when trying to use the old code within the new server infrastructure.  So Netbeans to the rescue!  A free development environment that I have used before and there are no licensing issues and it’s always kept up to date.  I’ve written a bit of code to test this and it all seems to work as planned.

Before I get heavily into that I need to design the way the program flows.  I have found a free (nice word) GUI prototyping tool.  Very useful in planning the way the various parts of the system will run.  It is also very helpful in uncovering holes and generating new ideas.  Below is the first one showing the login and initial options.  The options that are shown depend on the level of the user.

Login and initial options

Exam Done!

The exam for M366 has been done.  Revising for that has meant a lull in progress.  With that now finished it means I can now concentrate on the project more.

By the end of this week I hope to have the database constructed.  I am aiming to have some kind of usable interface as well.  This project is turning out to be not so simple after all but I need to keep in mind the aims of the software.  It must mimic the simple task of moving a box from point A to point B.  That is all that logistics is in a nutshell.

TMA 02 Submitted

Away it goes.

Not sure how I’ll do with this but I hope it OK.  With this and the exam on the 20th out the way I hope to be able to devote more time to the project.

Fingers crossed!


TMA02 on the Horizon

The next TMA is due soon so I have been progressing with that.

I realise that I shouldn’t worry too much about designing the database.  This degree project isn’t about database design but interaction design.  I should also keep this blog more up to date.  I’m not a blogger or a diary keeper so this is difficult for me but I suppose it is easy once the habit has formed.

The design of the database is going OK if a little slow.  I am having to learn as a go.  My knowledge has a few large holes but I hope these are surmountable.  “Cautiously optimistic” is probably a good phrase here with the emphasis on “cautiously”.


Database design

This is the first time I’ve done this.

It’s important to model the database on the real world version.  Databases and warehouses are very similar.  They both contain locations that can hold items.

There will be a main database that holds all the information relating to the products related to the company.  I’ll use tables to hold information regarding the actual stock.  Not sure of the exact details yet though.